Maxwell’s Neighborhood Farm, Newport

Maxwell’s Neighborhood Farm, Newport, VT

Just a few miles from Newport’s city center, Maxwell’s Neighborhood Farm is home to nearly 1,000 dairy cows. They’ll be hosting Vermont Breakfast on the Farm on June 22. Whether it’s a warm summer day, or a chilly winter evening – walk into any one of their barns and you’ll find the herd of Holsteins, those black and white ladies, resting comfortably. 

At Maxwell’s Neighborhood Farm, the cows live in a free stall barn where they can roam freely and have 24/7 access to food. At Breakfast on the Farm you’ll have plenty of opportunities to feed the cows!

Look back to 1957 when the farm was first started by Lois and Maurice Maxwell, and progress through the years – no matter how many cows, or the level of technology – cow comfort and animal welfare were always top priorities for the Maxwell family. Maxwell’s Neighborhood Farm is a member of St. Albans Cooperative Creamery.

Sprague Ranch, Brookfield

Sprague Ranch – Brookfield, VT

Head Southeast down Vermont’s scenic roadways and you’ll find yourself in Brookfield.  The town, with a population of about 1,200 – is home to the famed and often photographed ‘Brookfield Floating Bridge’.  The town is also home to Sprague Ranch, a small dairy farm (relatively speaking) with a huge impact in their local community. The farm will be hosting Breakfast on the Farm on July 27 – book a spot.

Cows at Sprague Ranch enjoying their view of the valley. These cows are resting and socializing on their soft, cool sand beds.

Dating back to 1864, John Keith Sprague bought the farmhouse, land, and barns for $2,300.  Over the next 155 years, the farm would grow, advance and innovate.  Today, the farm milks 600 cows. The Sprague Ranch has been caring for its animals and land since 1864 and ships its milk directly to Booth Brothers Dairy.

What’s Breakfast on the Farm Like?

Check out this video from Green Mountain Dairy Farm in Sheldon

Nea Tocht Farm in Ferrisburgh was our first farm to host in 2015!