At the 2016 Vermont Breakfast on the Farm events held at Nea-Tocht Farm in Ferrisburgh and Green Mountain Dairy Farm in Sheldon, over 2,000 visitors enjoyed a free breakfast and a first-hand look at a modern dairy farm to better understand how Vermont’s agricultural community works together to produce safe and wholesome food. Vermont Breakfast on the Farm was coordinated by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, local businesses, sponsors, and nearly 200 volunteers.

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    • Hello Catherine – thanks for asking, we hope that you and your family are able to attend! Breakfast will include pancakes served with Vermont maple syrup, sausage links, Stonyfield yogurt, and coffee, chocolate or white milk, and water. After visiting the farm, guests will be given an apple and slice of cheese donated by the Vermont Tree Fruit Growers association and Cabot Cheese, respectively. Unfortunately we will not be serving gluten free pancakes this year, however we hope that you attend and can enjoy the rest of our menu!


  1. I can’t wait to bring our beautiful 4 year old grand. She loves farms and says she wants to be a farmer and I am encouraging her to follow her heart.
    Gerry and Pam Blair


  2. Wanted to let you know that my boyfriend and his family that has 2 young ladies (9 and 5 yrs) visited this farm and had a wonderful time. Breakfast was great, going through the barns and listening to the agricultural teachings was excellent.

    thanks to the Vander-Wey families for their time and expertise for this event. can’t wait to attend another.

    have a good day.


  3. To whom it may concern we signed up for 10:30 4 of us this morning for sat said successful but did not get email we are meeting friends coming from Graniteville , , ,Vermont wondering if you could email us would greatly appreciate it . Thank you for giving this wonderful opportunity . For families and people to learn Adults & Children .
    Very Respectfully.


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