Newmont Farm, Bradford, VT – Host of Live Virtual Tour

Walt and Margaret Gladstone have been farming and raising a family together for over 30 years in Bradford, Vermont. Together they founded Newmont Farm. The farm is named after their home states. Walt is from New York and Margaret is from Vermont. Put the two state names together and you have Newmont Farm.

Walter and Margaret Gladstone, of Newmont Farm. Photo credit: Cabot Creamery Cooperative.

Walter and Margaret own the farm with their oldest son, Will Gladstone, and their youngest son, Matt Gladstone. The farm also employs twenty three full time people along with seasonal pumpkin pickers for their 200 acre pumpkin patch.

Will Gladstone and his wife Brooke with their three daughters. Photo credit: Cabot Creamery Cooperative.

The family and employees at Newmont Farm take pride in caring for their cows to make high quality milk. The farm is home to 1,550 holstein milking cows and 1,250 heifers, or young cows not yet milking. They maintain and care for about 2,000 acres of land used to feed their animals.

Every June Newmont Farm hosts over 1,000 people at their farm for a free farm tour with wagon rides, kids activities, lunch and ice cream. This year, the event they were planning was cancelled due to COVID-19.

Thank you to the Gladstone family for welcoming their neighbors – near and far – to the farm virtually instead! You can watch a recording of their live virtual tour that took place on May 16 on our Facebook page here.

Learn more about Newmont Farm on their website or follow them on Facebook.

A holstein cow in the pasture at Newmont Farm in Bradford, Vermont. The land the farm maintains is in the Connecticut River Valley. It is some of the most productive and beautiful farmland in Vermont.
Photo credit: Cabot Creamery Cooperative.

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