2020-2021 Grant Request for Proposals

Vermont Breakfast on the Farm was founded in 2015 with the mission of engaging the general public in learning about modern dairy farming in Vermont. To date, we have worked towards this mission by hosting ten in-person and virtual farm tours on dairy farms across the state. We are proud to announce that we are expanding on this initiative by launching a grant program for 2020-2021.


Our grants are available to Vermont dairy farmers and Vermont dairy industry organizations to fund projects related to the Vermont Breakfast on the Farm mission – to engage the general public in agriculture and inform the public about educational topics related to agriculture.

We understand that COVID-19 has strained the dairy industry. Dairy promotion activities you had planned may have been put on the back burner due to budget or social distancing. This grant program is intended to help those in the dairy community re-engage with the community, pending it follows all local and state safety protocols. Grants are available for projects that will be completed before April 1, 2021.

Funded projects will connect consumers with where their food comes from, improve public perception of agriculture, connect farmers with their neighbors, and/or increase consumption and distribution of dairy products in Vermont.

These are competitive grants. Funding will be available up to $10,000 per applicant for this grant cycle. Decisions on grant awards will be made by a subcommittee of the Breakfast on the Farm Board. This committee is made up of Vermont dairy farmers and dairy professionals. Decisions will be made based on expected impact, projected return on investment, and capacity for success.

A brief grant report is due by May 31, 2021. The report will include the number of consumers reached, a brief description of your project, the project outcome, and a photo. Breakfast on the Farm reserves the right to share a photo and a brief summary of your project on our website and social media pages.

Application Details

What is allowed:

  • Programs that bring the public to a farm or bring animals to the public. These can be in person, pending COVID-19 safety protocols, or virtual events.
  • Projects that connect a farm to their community, including but not limited to a newsletter, farm signs, social media campaigns, videos, etc.
  • Dairy related nutrition, food safety, and product research.
  • Educational exhibits and projects.
  • Milk and dairy product procurement for youth and the food insecure.

What is not allowed:

  • Branded advertising for direct to consumer products sold from your farm.
  • Negativity towards any type of dairy, food, or agricultural product or practice.
  • Projects that are not directed towards the consumer and/or positive image of dairy farming.
  • Influencing government policy or action at any level.
  • Purchase of capital equipment

Application Requirements

Please submit the following:

1) Application form
2) W-9 (non profit and for profit businesses are eligible to apply)
3) Projected budget and including funding amount requested and other funding source(s).

Please email the application and other materials to vermontbreakfastonthefarm@gmail.com by August 31, 2020.