Below are some dairy farming activity sheets to keep kids of all ages entertained, and information about dairy farming for grown-ups too. Plus, a link to our overnight french toast casserole recipe.

For Younger Kids (PreK- 6th Grade):

Discover dairy activity booklet – includes word searches, word scrambles, a spot to color, and more.

Undeniably dairy coloring book – 8 pages of printable coloring sheets, each with fun facts about dairy farming, plus recipe pages.

Dairy vocabulary & FAQ (PreK – Grade 6) – teach your kids new words about dairy farming, you might learn a few new words too!

For Older Kids (Grade 7-12):

Dairy vocabulary & FAQ (Grade 7-12) – learn common dairy farming language and find out answers to frequently asked questions.

Easy breakfast bowl recipe – ideas for how to make a creative breakfast bowl using yogurt as a base.

For Adults:

What you need to know about milk – answers to common questions about antibiotics, hormones, GMOs, organic standards, lactose intolerance, and more.

Overnight french toast recipe – make it the night before and pop it in the oven the next day for easy enjoyment! On the recipe page, you’ll find a how-to video by Vermont dairy farmer Beth Kennett and dietitian Hilary Walentuk! This recipe is great to make with kids too – they’ll have fun ripping up the bread.

Scenes from the kitchen at Liberty Hill Farm as Beth Kennett prepared her ingredients for overnight french toast!

9 thoughts on “French Toast Recipe & Farm Activity Sheets

  1. HI! I enjoyed the farm tour and the recipe. I did not receive a link to fill in a survey and have not received any coupons. Thanks for taking the time to educate people!


    1. Hi Kristan! We are working on the follow up email with the survey and coupon. We had a technical difficultly that delayed it slightly, but it’s on it’s way to you today!


  2. Thank you for the following email with the survey link; however, I filled it out on Sunday. Did the technical difficulty eliminate all those that had been submitted? I’d be happy to fill out another… I just didn’t want to skew the results.


  3. Thank you for including us via video. My husband took a fall and wound up at the hospital. All good! No head damage is what we were worried about. Next Sunday, I’m going to treat ourselves with the “overnight French toast”. Many thanks for this terrific video. Pls invite us again for another Farm Morning Special. Ellen Meiselman


    1. Glad to hear all is well Ellen. We hope the french toast makes you and your husband feel better! Glad you can watch the recording. You’ll be invited to all future events as you are now on our email list. Take care!


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